Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Xiamen University & Study in xmu

How to Apply

1. Entry requirements


Application time

Start of the


Length of the


Application documents




4-5 years

Photocopy of passport; High school diplom and transcript;

Self-introductory vide clip, etters of recommendation;

Language proficiency certificate.

Master’s candidates



2-3 years

Photocopy of passport; Bachelor’s degrecertificate and

transcript; Letters of recommendation from two  professors

(or ssociate professors); Research proposal; Language

proficiency certificate

Ph.D. candidates



4 years

Photocopy of passport; Master’s degree certificate and  transcript; Letters of

recommendation from two  professors (or associate professors); Research proposal;

Language proficiency certificate

General scholars



6 months

to 2 years

Photocopy of passport; High school diploma (or proof of study  at college) and  transcript;

Letters of recommendation; Language proficiency certificate

Senior scholars


Depending on

individual research


6 months

to 2 years

Photocopy of passport; Master’s degree certificate or proof of study toward a Ph.D.;

Letters of recommendation from professors; Research proposal

Language students



Late Feb.


6 months

to 2 years

Photocopy of passport; High school diploma (or proof of study  at college) and  transcript

Short-term  students

One month

before arrival

at XMU

Depending on

individual plans

2 weeks

to 3 months

Please contact relevant colleges for more information regarding short-term courses and summer camp programmes

Chinese proficiency requirement: Applicants for programmes in humanities, economics, management, law and Traditional Chinese Medicine programme should hold a certificate of new HSK 5 with a score of 210 or above; applicants for programmes in sciences, engineering and medicine should have a certificate of new HSK 4 with a score of 210 or above.

English proficiency requirement: Native English speakers are exempted from this requirement. Other applicants should have a TOEFL score of 80 or above, or an IELTS score of 6.0 or above, or have another equivalent certificate of English proficiency.

Note: Students who have taken courses conducted mainly in Chinese or English during their previous degree studies are exempted from the requirement of an HSK certificate or English proficiency certificate, but they must produce proof of language of instruction used in their previous studies.

2. Application procedures

 Degree programmes and general/senior scholar programmes:

Applicants should sign up on the website of the Admissions Office of Xiamen University, and then mail the application form with other required application documents to the Admissions Office of Xiamen University before the deadline.

 Chinese language programmes:

Applicants should make online application at our website and focus on the process and result of their application through the online application system.

3. Acceptance

International students should submit their application documents upon enrolment for verification of qualifications. Applicants who are required to attend interviews or take tests will be informed in advance. Applicants for bachelor’s programmes will be given priority if they apply with a high score in SAT, IB diploma, GCE A level test, or UCE test. Applicants for postgraduate programmes will be given preference if they have graduated from world-renowned universities or XMU’s sister institutions or are recommended by senior professors or experts. After the verification of qualifications by the Admissions Office, the application documents will then be forwarded to the relevant college or school for academic review. Admission decisions will be made on the basis of the applicants’ academic performance, overall merits, research achievements and supervisors’ comments, etc.

The University will publish admission decisions via the application system for international students and send out the Admission Notice in batches and succession as from June 2016. Applicants can log into the online application system to find out the result of their applications and detailed information regarding the delivery of their admission package.

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